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All about Box and Whisker Plot

Definition of Box and Whisker Plot
Statistics tells us that any group of data given for statistical analysis is clustered around a middle or central value.  We can define Box and Whisker Plot as a box drawn graphically by marking the given data points on the graph in such a way that the box so obtained shows the middle part of the data values. The box and whisker plot is represented in box and whisker graph. Definition of Box and Whisker plot also states that it is the representation of data distribution along a graphical number line using quartiles and median. The Box and Whisker plot can be drawn either horizontally or vertically as needed.

How to Create a Box and Whisker Plot?
Once the given data is arranged in ascending order, we can create a Box and Whisker plot by finding the median of the data (Q2) which divides the given data into two halves. The median of the two halves, Q1 and Q3 is found out and it divides the data into quarters or quartiles. Now a box is drawn from Q1 to Q3. The whiskers are drawn at the first and last data value and then they are attached to the box using a line. As the Box and whisker plot visually represents median, the 25th quartile, the 75th quartile, the smallest data value and the highest data value of the given data values, it is also called as five-number summary. These values represent the middle or the centre of the data distribution, the spread of the data and the overall distribution range.

Example of Box and Whisker Plot 
We can see a wide range of applications of box and whisker plot in real life.  Some of the real life examples of the box and whisker plot are comparison of the marks, weight or height of the students in a class, comparison of the rate at which the different commodities are sold, comparison of the weight and the operating time of the phones, comparison of the height climbed by skyscrapers, comparison of cow’s daily milk yield etc.  The box and whisker plot can also be applied on data showing the rainy days, weight of the dogs, weekly earning etc.

Box and Whisker Plot Online
Box and whisker plot can be drawn using free online tools available in the internet. Box and Whisker Plot Online software helps us to draw the box and whisker plot easily for the given data. It is very useful for students to learn for the data required. The data can be user specified or the students can even use the inbuilt data available.

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