Wednesday, March 20

Understanding the Concept of Linear Combination

In mathematics the equations are very important. The problems can be converted into equations and then the equations can be solved with the help of multiple methods. The solutions obtained must be checked for their feasibility. This is because all the solutions obtained will not be feasible. Only the solutions that are feasible must be selected, otherwise the answer might go wrong. One must be very careful in selecting the solutions of the equations.

In case of linearity the degree of the given equation is ‘1’. The linear combination can be formed with the help of an equation. There need to be constants for this process to be performed. It also involves the simple process of addition. Basically it is the formation of an expression. This expression can be formed with the help of constants and the simple addition process.

The term in the expression must be multiplied with a constant and the answers obtained must be added. This will give the required solution. The linear combinations can be very helpful and can have various applications in mathematics.

The process of solving linear combinations must be learnt thoroughly to appreciate the concept. The examples will help in better explaining the concept. This concept is related to the concept of linear algebra. It is a branch of algebra and has to be learnt to understand this concept. This concept is also very helpful in vector theory and is a part of vector theory.

Vectors are different from scalar quantities. Both are quantities which have magnitude. The difference between vector and scalar quantities is that the vector quantities have a direction attached to them. But the scalar quantities do not have a direction attached to them.

This is the basic difference between the two quantities. So, one has to be very careful in dealing with these types of quantities. The direction can play a very important role. If the direction is not properly denoted the answer can go wrong. So, in the case of vector quantities, the direction plays a very important role. But in case of scalar quantities the magnitude plays the most important role.

The change in magnitude can make the whole answer go wrong in the case of scalar quantities. But in the case of vector quantities both magnitude and direction are important. Even if one goes wrong the whole answer goes wrong.

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